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Lau Gar has been synonymous with tournament fighting in the UK ever since Master Yau arrived on our shores in the 70's. Shaking up the world of competitive Martial Arts and instilling a heritage within all true Lau Gar clubs. At S.A.C.M.A we proudly continue the tradition and took our place within the history of Lau Gar by winning the B.K.F.A National championships in 2012. Fighting is the backbone of Martial Arts and the Squad (that is the elite fighting team) act as ambassadors for the club. We train hard once a month, with the aim not just to  create champions, but also role models for the academy to aspire to! 

S.A.C.M.A classes all contain the option of sparring. For those serious about competing and about winning the Squad is the next step to which all are welcome. Provided you have the appropriate safety equipment (sold at the clubs) and are over the age of 14 then why not give it a try? 

Give Squad a try and I can GUARANTEE you will improve in 5 ways: 

• Improved fitness
• Improved understanding of your Martial Art
• improved confidence in yourself
• Improved understanding of strategy and tactics
• Improved understanding of Point fighting, Light Contact Fighting, Full contact Fighting/Sanshou

Training within the S.A.C.M.A squad gives you acces to National, European and World championships. It's all down to YOU and where YOU want to go! Within our ranks of friendly and experienced fighters you will find European and World championship medalists keen to share their knowledge with you. 
Squad dates are announced on the Facebook page and within the clubs.

Welcome to Phoenix Martial Arts & Fitness Studio, our new Martial Arts & Fitness Gym. We have a plan to introduce an exciting new martial arts program to Cowdenbeath and the surrounding towns in the Kingdom of Fife .

Under this program, people of all ages can participate in Lau Gar Kung Fu, Chen Style Tai Chi, Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga and many more sport related activities that run in the centre. There is also a workout gym at your disposal.

These activities are tailored to suit, and to help ,children and adults to start healthy habits, develop physical and mental skills and personal confidence, to attract youngsters and their parents to a lifetime sport they can participate in together and to keep families active in our club.